The World's Best Meat & Gourmet Foods On Your DoorstepThe World's Best Meat & Gourmet Foods On Your Doorstep

  • Juicy Fillet Steak 

    Mouth Watering .... hmmm

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  • steak  & Wine 

    Dinner for .....

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  • Pampas Plains delivers....

    ...gourmet meats from around the world direct to your door.

  • Pork Shoulder Roasted

    It's Back......Try Our Mouth Watering Pork Shoulder- roasted or pulled 

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  • Duck Breasts

    Naturally Reared Duck Breasts

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  • Not sure which is your favourite......

    Try our Steak Sampler Pack.... Click here

  • Thinking of giving something a little different this Year?

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    Pampas Plains - Home to Natural, Grassfed & Free Range

    Pampas Plains - Gourmet Meats From Around the World

    Pampas Plains - Gourmet Selections From Around the World